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Benzyl Cyanide is a toxic, colorless to pale yellow aromatic liquid organic compound that is a precursor to several derivatives. Its chemical formula is C6H5CH2CN. It is produced by the reaction of benzyl chloride with sodium cyanide.

The compound’s most important reactions involve the Active Methylene Group”.

Benzyl Cyanide is used in the production of phenobarbital and other amphetamines as well as in organic synthesis in other pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Benzyl cyanide is a useful precursor to numerous pharmaceuticals. Examples include:

·         Anorectics (e.g. sibutramine)
·         Analgesics (e.g. ethoheptazine, ketobemidone, pethidine, and phenoperidine)
·         Antiarrhythmics (e.g. disopyramide)
·         Antidepressants (e.g. venlafaxine)
·         Antihistamines (e.g. levocabastine and chlorphenamine)
·         Antimalarial medications (e.g. pyrimethamine)
·         Antitussives (e.g. isoaminile, oxeladin, butethamate, pentapiperide, and pentoxyverine)[13]
·         Diuretics (e.g. triamterene)
·         Hypnotics (e.g. alonimid and phenobarbital)
·         Spasmolytics (e.g. pentapiperide and drofenine)
·         Stimulants (e.g. methylphenidate)


Benzyl Cyanide, C6H5CH2CN, is used in organic synthesis for dyes, perfumes, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals, especially penicillin precursors.

Benzyl Cyanide is an important intermediate for a variety of useful, and sometimes dangerous, compounds. It is used in the production of phenobarbital, methylphenidate, and other amphetamines.

It is also used to make methadone, pethidine, and ketobemidone if further substituted.
In organic synthesis, benzyl chloride is used for the introduction of the benzyl protecting group for alcohols, yielding the corresponding benzyl ether, and carboxylic acids, yielding the corresponding benzyl ester.

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